Services serve as the core foundation for building value, where we grow
together and help you achieve your best.

Managed IT & Surveillance Services

Through our IT Managed Services, we enable you to transform rapidly so you can offer your ever-changing customer a great experience. Customizing our framework for you, we integrate it with your existing IT setup to deliver high uptime through the right combination of people, processes, and tools. All this, while keeping our focus aligned with your changing business needs. By fulfilling your IT needs, we join you to lead the digital change for your organization.

  • Multi Brand/Technology Hardware Support (AMC)
  • Technology driven Field and backend support
  • Pre-scheduled preventive maintenance programs
  • Reduced ETA for spares
  • Intuitive customer support

Project Consultancy and Integration

Sysware provides project consultancy and management of the same very efficiently and in order to achieve this utilizes in-house resources to set the harmony and expectation right for your valuable projects. This is mainly achieved in three phases

Pre execution plan

  1. Information capturing
  2. Processing
    1. Site survey
    2. Redundancy
    3. Structuring path for smooth functioning
    4. Safety plan/policy
    5. Waste management
  3. Finalization
    1. Layout plan
    2. Preparation of shop drawings
    3. Preparation of BOQ


  1. Carefully appointing best people for the job
  2. Daily updates as a part of reporting system
  3. Informing users about proposed switchover schedule & downtime
  4. Collaborating with the client for real-time challenges
  5. Handover on stipulated time


  1. Design essentials
  2. Layout plan
  3. As built drawings
  4. Post deployment support mechanism with escalation matrix
  5. Product datasheets
  6. Trainings for smooth functioning

Implementation Services

With an efficient implementation team and a plan, any power can be harnessed to be used for the welfare and growth of an organization. Sysware understands the varied and vast field of implementation services due to our 21 years of experience in the industry.

Products cannot provide the best industry solutions by themselves. Products get converted into a system/solution when they are integrated into a well-defined design concept. There has to be a seamless integration from a product and concept to a business requirement.

SYSWARE believes and follows this philosophy dedicatedly, and we drive our services ourselves, not subcontracting our projects. Taking full responsibility for our projects allows us to deliver quality and excellence, and tailor our services to your needs.

Technology Audit services

An Information Technology audit is the examination and evaluation of an organization's information technology infrastructure, applications, data use and management, policies, procedures and operational processes against recognized standards or established policies.

We at Sysware understands the need for occasional Audit and thus we provide:

  1. IT Risk assessment - Management requests to monitor and report on their risk posture continues to increase. Common questions related to information and technology are:
    1. Are we at risk? How risk mature are we? How do we compare to our peers from a benchmarking perspective?
    2. Are we compliant to laws and regulations? Are we prepared to comply with upcoming laws and regulations?
    3. What is our strategy moving forward? Is our IT strategy aligned to our business and IT risks?

Our IT Audit practice has recognised capabilities and subject matter experience assisting clients in understanding areas of business and industry risk (governance, process, operations, and IT) that translates and aligns IT risk components to the business, with the ability to go beyond a company’s standard areas of IT controls and to ensure business-IT alignment.

2. Pre/Post Implementation Reviews
3. IT Internal Audit
4. Security Audit